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  1. Corona Covid is fraud by CIA Mossad

    Corona Covid is fraud by CIA Mossad



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    But ap pehly to aisa ni krti hn gi conditions are different naa...kbi kbar hard work krna hota ka ye mtlb ni k smart work ka Kch ni...but sometimes zyada chahiye hota h hard work

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    Your #RealTalkTuesday videos alwaysss match the situation when I watch it... it's like I need to watch this right now❤️❤️❤️❤️ Lotss of love Prajju Diii❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    please make more of such good videos

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    Uuhh are bestt...your realistic nature keeps you connected with dumdums❤️

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    What is ur long term goal ?

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    Hey p! Tiya here ! Today is my bday can you pls wish me ? #sawaalsaturday

  22. shailesh Patel

    shailesh Patel

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    Hey p! Tiya here ! Today is my bday can you pls wish me ? #sawaalsaturday

  23. shailesh Patel

    shailesh Patel

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    Hey p! Tiya here ! Today is my bday can you pls wish me ? #sawaalsaturday

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    #sawaalsaturday Hey P hope you are fine and shooting is going good So my questions for sawaal saturday are - Have you ever experienced any funny and weird kind of situation in Foreign countries - Whom would you prefer [choose one] Asha (from khayali pulao) Or Dimple (from Mismatched)

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    Hey P !!!!!!! How are you?? I am fine and I hope you are doing well (not just well but best)😄😄😄 Right now I am screaming with joy and happiness as you have picked up my question😄😄😄😄😄 My name is Swastika. I know you must have said Samriddhi😂😂😂😂😂 Now you must be saying "Aise hi mazze lelo mere " Ikr???😂😂😂😂😂 Agar hum aapke mazze nahi lenge toh kiske lenge as you are giving me happiness being this far and also you are the dearest and nearest to me❤❤❤❤. Main aapko apni badi behen jaise manti hu toh agar aapke mazze nahi lungi toh kiske lungi ????😄😄😄😄 Sourav Sir ya Ravi Sir jo bhi mera ye question dekh raha hai please utha lena humble request hai aapse🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻. Bhagwaan ke liye mera question utha lo🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Right now, I am 15 and due to online studies and upcoming boards preparation stress (I am in 10th right now😅😅), I lose my track of drinking water at intervals which leads my body to dehydrate and causes me hairfall and skin problems. And even if I remember to drink, it is not possible to drink lots of water at that instant beacuse it somehow gives you the feeling of puking out😕😕😕. So my question was that how much water according to you, you consume daily because your skin and hair are so healthy and are major goals for me😉😉😉😉 Another one doubt which I had was that at some particular phase of your life you may have also faced some similar situation with same problem of dehydration, so how did you helped it out for yourself and kept yourself hydrated?? And can you give me some tips so that in this stressful time, I can keep track of my water intake and can drink some amount of water at different intervals so that my body gets hydrated and feels better. It means alot if you would do this for me😄😄😄😄😄 Btw love your videos❤❤❤❤ And Love love .....❤❤❤ #SawaalSaturday #DumDumArmy #PrajaktaKoli

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    Natasha Padma

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    #sawaalsaturday Hey P hope you are fine and shooting is going good So my questions for sawaal saturday are - Have you ever experienced any funny and weird kind of situation in Foreign countries - Whom would you prefer [choose one] Asha (from khayali pulao) Or Dimple (from Mismatched)

  27. Natasha Padma

    Natasha Padma

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    #sawaalsaturday Hey P hope you are fine and shooting is going good So my questions for sawaal saturday are - Have you ever experienced any funny and weird kind of situation in Foreign countries - Whom would you prefer [choose one] Asha (from khayali pulao) Or Dimple (from Mismatched)

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    I love you P😍🤗❤ you are the elder sister and the best friend I never had🤗❤ I love you to the moon and back... thank you for existing 🤗❤

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    Thanks P

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    Listening to you is so therapeutic! 👌🏼

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    Ok the channel is dead now lolol

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    Hello Prajakta Di Love from Jodhpur How was your Jodhpur trip.....did you like our place? Hoping your next visit soon... #sawaalsaturday 😀

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    #sawaalsaturday Pick!Pick!Pick! Alright u did😍🤣 Do you read Chetan Bhagat? Stefan or Damon? How many days it took you to complete all 8 seasons of it? Fav character? Klaus or Elijah?

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    best advice to maintain a routine... so relatable and practical ... thanks,P!! love your real talk tuesday videos

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    I love real talk Tuesdays ❤️

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    Love from Bangladesh.

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    prajakta you dont know how much positively you influence my life even if i get confused i always get positivety from you , may god bless you with much much much more love,love

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    Very enthusiastic & engaging conversation, felt like listening one v dear friend ❤️❤️ These days I'm bit off track due to some work related scenarios & personal situation. I wish I could have you listen to me talking about my mind out.. sometimes I feel I'm overthinking or taking things & life seriously- but another moment I find myself distancing from many known & acquentence.. things are going on its own way.. I'm trying to be observant not the controller right now! Not making any new connection or friends - even cutting connection by not making any initiatives from my side.. not sure if it is right or not but I'm not feeling to do that 😐 I wish I could have some 3rd person to listen me/ consult apart from my own family & those who are in the same boat with me now

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    Hi, prajakta.. I want to ask how u switch between the characters so smoothly.. Since non of the characters are similar to each other.. And secondly can u please say your name in bhojpuri like - hamar naam prajakta ba .. Just say the same line 😁..#SawaalSaturday.. Yaar please comment uthalena😄

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    I legit LOVE YOU P, seems like my elder sister is advising me, Love , Light and Hope you way! 🌅

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    After 6 years you are very buitiful



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    Hey, I watched CPL. Just a feedback, you blink a lot when you're in front on the camera light I guess. It's a lil distracting. Otherwise, loved it. #sawalsaturday

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    Whennnnnnnnnnn is the gauri pooja praju dii

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    Love how this girl is so real in this unreal world of social media.......always my inspiration 💕💕

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    I don’t understand how ppl sleep just for 6 hrs I could never

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    Why this youtuber thinks that youtube is Instagram

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    Hie Prajakta dii !! Tuesday videos are like having a real talk with an elder sister. I really love you so much . I wanna know that if some day uh have to choose between your proper acting career or your youtube what it will be. Bcoz attachment to youtube is one side but that career thing is for life . Also i want a suggestion... I'm 20 in drop frm 2 years and neither studying properly or doing anything don't know whats wrong with me but gradually i can see i hav started hating myself bcoz i just can't do what i want to . #swaalsaturday



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    #sawaalsaturday Hello P, Finally You picked my question So here are some questions for you 1 Which is your favorite video that you have recorded for your thursday 2 When will SONIYA come 3 Will you give me a Shout Out Hey just kidding Once again thanks for picking my question... Love love

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    u r in jodhpur... pls meet me.. BIG FAN!

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    Heyy prajakta dii!! Lotttsss off lovee from Jaipur 💙 A Question for #sawalsaturday iss👉 Have you ever seen ( she is the men) movie?? If yess so, have you ever think that you lokked similar to amanda bynes 😍😂have you 😆 hehee comment utaa loo. Plzzz!! Utaaa lo kyuki oggy bol raha haiiii?! 😂

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    I mean u make it so simple for us 😘❤️will follow them for sure ❤️

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    Hey P❤️ I love your sense of style.. simple and elegant... I love your t-shirts... Which brand t-shirt you buy???? @mostlysane

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    Di your wonderful and your videos 📹OMG they are so awesome and also very very funny 😄just love it

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    Impressed from u mostlysane

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    Hii Praju Rachnaa here you are absolutely beautiful 😍 I love you just wanted you to include this in your sawal Saturday the question is how do you take care of your under eyes please do answer, love love ❤️❤️❤️

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    6:30 short term goals

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    Are you shooting in mayoor chopasni school Jodhpur where I am studying and you are staying in Taj Mahal palace Jodhpur near my house

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    I seen your 1 video , subscribed with ghanta, seen 2nd unsubscribed. Before going away seen this & you can check what I did , I miss you Praaju, Not you , you're boring.

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    More than anything I wait for your realtalktuesday.because there must be real stuffs coming

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    Hey P🤩 I got the merch yesterday and I am sooooo happy🤗The lavender sweatshirt is amazing 💜Just loved loved loved it.Also the packaging was so good.Thankyou for this. Also real talk tuesday videos are like medicine plz keep talking to us 🤗❤ Love love

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    Thank you so much Prajakta ❤️❤️ You don't know how much I was waiting for this I love uh girl ❤️

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    Just love this video.. It's really real thing which happens in our daily life... Love you p❤️❣️

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    That Short Term goals advice is I think so useful P !!☺️😊

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    Heyy P!!! I'm Anjali...... Just wanted to ask you a questions that do you pay ur team for working with u??? LOVE LOVE ❤

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    MostlySane Songs, Memes and Reels Link :

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    Miss u prajudi😋..i missed ur videos when i got tired with things😣 or bored😶



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    If it was a bengali vdo title would be like - ছোট্ট ছোট্ট পায়ে চলতে চলতে ঠিক পৌঁছে যাব😂💓

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    A good Youtuber

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    Isn't it a miracle , that everytime i got something that i really need someone to tell me , and it always comes through you.

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    Yes we are Influencers. But, we are same as everyone. Put Time bound work... Like a Job .... 7 to 7 or 9 to 9 working Time. It will help you a lot

  88. Art of Pragnesh Parmar

    Art of Pragnesh Parmar

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    Good to know .. Start your Day early... Finish your Day Early. 😇

  89. Art of Pragnesh Parmar

    Art of Pragnesh Parmar

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    I saw your blog ... Do you Drink???? 😜😆😇🙏

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    do you like BTS?

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    Thank you prajakta di for this video. This was a much needed coz lately i have been struggling with being consistent. But now i will too put more efforts towards my short term goals just like you said. Thank you so much for these types of videos. Best of luck for your shoot.

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    This is a really goof podcast material

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    #sawaalsaturday, hi prajakta di, how do i react when one of my close friends starts dating the boy i liked (crush) for so long despite knowing the fact that i had true strong feelings for that boy? She lied to me since long and secretly went on dates with him. On asking if there was something going on between them, she said no and blamed me for overthinking. I know they have right to like but i feel like friends don’t do that to friends. All my other friends started ghosting acting suspicious around me after that. On confronting both, I wished them both good in their relationship but it killed me inside and i am so hurt and i cant even look at her right now.

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    #sawaalsarurday u r really my inspiration I followed u since ur were 100k subscribes Just to ask how did u came so far???

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    Thank you for this ❤️

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    videos like these where u talk about keeping ourselves sane (no puns) with your daily life relatable scenarios and really helpful. thank u P.

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    It's literally damn soothing whenever I see u being happy, and what to say more... The glow is ON baby❣️😉... Love love

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    I really don't know how many people like me learn so so many things from you P.. I can always relate with you like always!! Thank you so much for always making things simpler and focusing on the simple things about life (coz simple is extraordinary) which we always take for granted.. Thanks P Loveeee love❤

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    The only girl who looks beautiful with or without makeup. Love you loadssss prajakta didu ❤🥰