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    Swarnim Semwal

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    Hi my name is Shivangi I want to ask any boy has said you I like if yes than what was you reaction to it. Love from Dehradun #SawaalSaturday

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    Hey its me @mostly.fictions....i just wanna ask one thing MONTU KI SHIRT KAB BADALNE WALI HAI!!!?

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    #swaalsaturday Hey p! Today we came to see you on your shooting location.We cane from really far just to see you and they didn't let us meet you . You were just in front of us .We are huge fan of yours and my best friend cried in front one of security guides And the security there was very rude.please meet us once we just want say hey to you

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    #sawaalsaturday Hey p! Today we came to see you on your shooting location. We came from really far just to see you and they didn't let us meet you . You were just in front of us . My best friend is a really big fan of yours . She was crying to meet you. And the security there was very rude.Please meet us once : (



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    #SawaalSaturday Gaurav sir bta do ap questions kahan se choose krte ho, mene to thursday tuesday saturday sbke comments mein #SawaalSaturday k sath question post krke dekh lia. But I will keep trying. Agar apne select kiya to mera question hai - Hi P, you always talk about writing journal, your gratitude points, your daily to- do lists. Can you make a seperate video about this all like how to do these all efficiently. What is better keeping one journal for all or different for different things. It will be of great help while staying productive in our personal and professional lives. Thank you Love Love ❤️

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    Love from mp REWA 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

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    You're always the best 😍😍

  10. shubh the story teller

    shubh the story teller

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    Diii please talk in hindi 😊 u are indian please 😊

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    Siddhi Tilve

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    Hey P, i love your videos a lotttt😍😍😍 here's a question for this #sawalsaturday Iss khubsurti ka raaz kya hai??😅 not joking but everytime your face has a sweet glow n looks soft (like gulab jamun😁) tu khobrel tel lavte ka zoptana???....also waiting for mismatched season 2💓💓LOVE LOVE💓💓

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    #sawaalsaturday HIII DIIIIIIII!! How are u?? I am very well... uR my source of Happiness and entertainment!! Cant wait for Mismatched 2 CONGRATSSSSSSSSSS Finally , My questions are: 1. Is a Vada Pav a sandwich? Why or why not? 2. What’s the best Wi-Fi name you’ve seen? 3. What’s the most ridiculous fact you know? 4. If peanut butter wasn’t called peanut butter, what would it be called? 5. What part of a kid’s movie completely scarred you? 6. What is the funniest name you have actually heard used in the real world? ek baar choose kar lo...pareshan nahi karoongi fir...🤣

  13. Zannatul Ferdous

    Zannatul Ferdous

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    #sawaalsaturday you are an true inspiration. This is the first time i am commenting on yt . Cause I wanted you to read my comment . I am huge fan of yours from bangladesh . Everytime i feel low i come to yt and see your videos. You are ❤️ Also when your merchant will be available in bangladesh:((((????

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    Kavya Karananakotil


    My home door bell is not ringing only 😂😂😂

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    Ashely Smith


  16. Pearl Naik

    Pearl Naik


    #savalsaturday Hii P! How are you? I'm fine too thanks for asking. My question is: 1) How to be energetic all day? 2) Who inspires you most in your life? 3) How to deal with people who are nice to you in front of you but say bad behind your back




    What have you done in your academics??

  18. $airudhra



    Hey prajakta didi please pick my question this time!!! My question is:- 1)What was the first phone you buyed after sarting youtube? 2) how many phone do you have used after starting yt and which was the best!! 3) ily❤❤❤ I hope you'll pick it this time Love love❤ #sawaalsaturday

  19. Vedant Parashar

    Vedant Parashar


    Thank you to come are school for shooting

  20. Boby Arora

    Boby Arora


    I M your buggest fan prajkta.... I want to meet you

  21. Sai Srilekha Malladi

    Sai Srilekha Malladi


    Hello Prajakta, I'm Srilekha , I've learnt alot from you especially the dedication we put in the work we love the most. I know you have a busy schedule but I'm hoping to get an interview from you.... I'm an architecture student and I'm hoping this comment reaches to you sooner.... I want to design a bunglow for you, of your choice. So can you pick my comment if you are interested. And I'm commenting for the first time. #sawaalsaturday

  22. Krithika T S

    Krithika T S


    #realtalktuesday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/

  23. Drashti Master

    Drashti Master


    #Swaal Saturday plz answer my question Can u plz share your workout or abs exercise with us?

  24. Khushi Nachukuru

    Khushi Nachukuru


    no pressure, im just asking out of curiosity cause i always wait to watch her videos and if she was taking a break thats absolutely ok. but anyone has any idea why her tuesday video wasnt there this week?

    • Lehar



      Maybe she went to Rajasthan again after coming home n busy day

  25. KSN



    Hi Prajakta, just came to know that your family is very close to my brother’s (Ajay) family. Great to know that. Your Vlogs are really awesome. Keep it up and all the best !!!

  26. Ridhi Gupta

    Ridhi Gupta


    #SawaalSaturday Hey p! I hope you are doing better now n feeling more energetic 💪❤my question is 1 how do you deal with skin breakouts n post scars ..what's the go to thing that you do to deal with them 2. Pls suggest some ways by which we can reduce our screen time ....Love from hyderabad ❤love love

  27. Veronica Rai

    Veronica Rai


    is prajukta talking about meeting Neharika the ''captain nick'' one or???

  28. Altamash Khan

    Altamash Khan


    Make video on montu teenager life....

  29. Anjani Kumari

    Anjani Kumari


    Can you show the question on screen screen pe question rhta h to dekhne me jada maja aata hai

  30. Arush 2323

    Arush 2323


    Make a video on when indian moms become a c.i.d

  31. Ishaan Singhal

    Ishaan Singhal


    Hello P, I'm Ishaan I hope you are doing great . I am fine and so so happy that you picked my question for #sawaalsaturday I loved your videos so much every time I see your videos I feel so happy its my birthday on 16th september can u wish me? first of all congrats for mismatched season 2 and jjj my question is- when are we gonna get to watch mismatched season 2?

  32. Mahima koirala

    Mahima koirala


    So inspiring!🥰😍

  33. Youth and Style

    Youth and Style


    Where is the Tuesday video

  34. Stuti Puri Kulshrestha

    Stuti Puri Kulshrestha


    Prajakta - u r so tired and still answering yr dum dum’s questions - hats off ❤️ actually this voice suits you 😄 Hello from Netherlands 🇳🇱 Why don’t u introduce yr sister’s character #sawaalsaturday

  35. Manish Suthar

    Manish Suthar

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    didii in filter copy that was nnt good

  36. Aarushi Shah

    Aarushi Shah

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    #sawalsaturday Hey P , how are you ? Hope you are doing fantabulous and shooting of mismatched s 2 is also going fantastic . I really loved your lavender dum dum army sweatshirt it smells like you are around me and it has a familiar smell So here is my Questions for #sawalsaturday 1. If you could live anywhere,where would it be ? 2. The thing which makes you really angry? 3. What is your biggest fear ? 4. What is your one favourite book which you can read anytime . Thank you for taking my Questions Bye bye Love you lots

  37. Swarangi Aundhekar

    Swarangi Aundhekar

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    #SawaalSaturday 1) What if some one deleted your youtube and social media accounts?? 2) what will be your reaction😮

  38. Vakratunda Computers

    Vakratunda Computers

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  39. Vanshika Negi

    Vanshika Negi

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    Wheree iss Real Talkk Tuesdayyy😨😨😨 Are youu finee P???? 😳

  40. soumya benki

    soumya benki

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    #sawalsaturday Hey P! Lots of love from karnataka❤️ My question is how do you manage to give time to you family, friends amidst a very hectic sched?



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    Thumbnail pic

  42. Tejas singh

    Tejas singh

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    100 k subcribers leke reveal karo will dimple again come in releationship with rish or she will dumb him again or anything else is gonna happen am i very exited and have big expectations from dimple and rishi . please don t disapoint me by making harsh and dimple s love story dimple and rishi deserves to get one more chance

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    Prajuuu we are dumdum! LOVES from Hyderaba Prajuuu want to in your Thursday videos comedy is miss... where your comedy gone .

  44. Aparajita jha

    Aparajita jha

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    You are beyond apprecaition Di.🤗❤ Sending u a big,big,warm hug!🤗🤗 Love Love!🤗💟

  45. mrudul surve

    mrudul surve

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    Kashala kashala yevdhya zopet video banvaycha..?💜

  46. Siddhi Ingle

    Siddhi Ingle

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    Hey p its siddhi Ingle. How are you? Did you and Rohit Saraf known each other before mismatched? #sawalsaturday

  47. Anjali Sawant

    Anjali Sawant

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    Very very Appreciable Prajakta. U r really very Hardworking & Sincere .... These qualities will get u All the Success & Happiness in ur Life ... Wish u All the Good Luck 👍

  48. Swarupa Subhedar

    Swarupa Subhedar

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    #sawaalsaturday HeyP! How are you.. Thank you for taking my question How do you manage your day when its not happening in the way you decided and everything goes wrong.

  49. Sun Shine

    Sun Shine

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    4:15 , yeah! P we know . You aren't drunk

  50. Shraddha Naik

    Shraddha Naik

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    #SawaalSaturday Hey P!! I hope you are doing well. It's my 18th birthday on 20 sep. My question for sawaal Saturday is what was your experience when you was 18?